Rafael Gallart Obiol

Job summary/responsibilities:

As a back-end developer in LXG team (or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), my main mission is to help the team move several functionalities used in our current portals into a microservices architecture.

General introduction/background

One might wonder how a Spanish person like me chose to change the lovely weather and awesome food that is possible to enjoy in my home city, Valencia. I have always lived there, but I had the luck to go to Finland for Erasmus exchange, and that changed my way of looking at life. Afterwards, while I was working in Valencia as a front-end developer, I always kept looking for opportunities to be in contact with friends I made during that special period of my life, from all over Europe. And tried to make new ones that were studying in Valencia as well! So when the opportunity to go to work to Eindhoven showed up, in the end of 2015, I didn’t think it twice. I got an opportunity to fill in a back-end position in a gaming company based here in Eindhoven, which was also aligned with the direction I wanted my professional career to take. And now in 2017, two years later, I joined Studyportals to keep learning in that direction.

Key challenge

After 3 years doing full-stack development with a main front-end component, and almost 2 years more doing back-end only, I want to get to the next level of experience as a back-end developer.

Personal Goal

Mainly keep learning in a Scrum environment. It feels like here at Studyportals I will have the opportunity to learn multiple technologies and disciplines, which is what I ultimately want. Oh…and make new friends!

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

I think the project I will be working on is very important to me, as it will let me to improve my skills and apply what I already know. But as important as the project itself is the environment and people I get to work with. And since the very first time I put foot at the office I could see I was in the right place for me!

Favourite activities

I love to play sports (mainly football, but anything like tabletennis, basketball, volleyball…I love to try new stuff, specially in a team). I also enjoy my time out with friends, having a drink, going on a trip or watching a show…or gaming! Also a nice book. And last but not least, cooking! I like to do that with people, it’s a very nice way to spend your time with friends or family.