Rob Janssen

Rob joined the Studyportals team in November 2009 to assist in extending and improving the engine that all the Studyportals websites run on.

His experience with server- and client-side languages allows him to give advice and to implement the new projects Studyportals want to launch.

Before working at Studyportals, Rob has been building corporate sites and administrative back-ends, using his background in graphical design to create layouts from scratch or to build on the original design.

Favourite Listed Programme

Master’s in Sound Environments. Sound environment specialists will be in a position to consult with architectural and engineering acousticians on the creative uses of sound and space, work with programmers, artists and audio technicians, and design art installations, exhibitions and displays that explore the relationships between sound and space. It combines every interest and hobby I have in a novel way.

Key Challenge

Creating scalable websites and web-applications with a strong focus on security and usability, as well as raising his young daughter.

Favourite Studyportals Experience

Being the referee in the Stratum Challenge and designing the shirts for the contestants.

Studyportals rewards hard work with fun activities.