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Rob van den Hout

Rob joined the Studyportals team in January 2013. With a couple of years experience in server and client side languages he is able to strengthen the development team.

General introduction/background

Starting a software engineering study after leaving high-school gave Rob a good idea of what he wanted to do with his talents. This study gave him good basic knowledge about programming languages and programming methods.

Four years ago he decided that studying was not his strong point and that he wanted to get more working experience. First starting an internship during the summer vacation to learn the PHP and JavaScript programming languages. After working for a few companies, joining Studyportals was a welcome change. He could finally create things that really challenged him to create an ever better experience for the visitors of the Studyportals.

Working on big parts of the system concerning users creating, using and managing their account.

Key challenge

Creating the most user centered experience while using the Studyportals websites.

Personal Goal

Keeping up with fast developments in technology and trying to learn and use them.