Robert Balan

Job Summary/Responsibilities:

Robert is a Junior Web Content Manager and a key member of the editorial and SEO teams at Studyportals. He started working for the company in January 2019. Since then, he has improved his writing and SEO knowledge and uses his research abilities to find accurate and relevant information for prospective international students.

In a world full of fake news and misleading statistics, Robert enjoys researching the internet and finding trustworthy sources that provide reliable and accurate data. Robert knows good copywriting includes examples and evidence that back up the author’s ideas. That’s why he spends a lot of time finding the best resources and data that can provide value in his articles.

He usually writes on topics like tuition fees, specific disciplines, careers after graduation, and advice from industry experts.

General introduction/background:

Robert has a B.A. in Applied Modern Languages (English & French). During studies, he discovered his passion for writing, and his interest in keeping up with the latest technologies grew. He worked as a volunteer translating theatre reviews for FITS (the International Theatre Festival of Sibiu), and currently translates short videos for the Isha Foundation.

Before working for Studyportals, Robert spent 10 months in Slovenia with the European Volunteering Service (EVS). It was an experience that changed his perception of proper communication, multicultural environments, and the importance of being open to new mindsets, cultures, and points of view.

Favourite activities:

Robert enjoys practising yoga, playing the keyboard, and watching movies or playing (video/board) games with his friends. He loves taking online classes and listening to speakers who share practical methods that help people overcome problems and develop their strengths.

Whether it’s Windows, Bitcoin, or Tesla’s new car, Robert likes to stay up to date with the latest developments in tech. His favourite books approach subjects like self-development, spirituality, the nature of existence and meaning of life.