Simona Rimkutė

Job summary/responsibilities

Her main responsibility is to make sure that the new Studyportals scholarship program is running smoothly. She is working on the users’ engagement in the new project and taking care that all of the important aspects about the scholarship are communicated clearly to the potential students.

General introduction/background

Simona was brought up in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. After living there for eighteen years, she decided to move to the Netherlands and pursue higher education there. Currently, Simona has been living in the Netherlands for three years and she is finishing her bachelor at Tilburg University in the field of Digital Media.

Key challenge

One of her main challenges is time management, combining her daily work responsibilities with writing her thesis. 

Personal Goal

To gain skills and knowledge in the digital marketing field and to learn how to apply it in the daily work practices.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

She thinks that the best part about the Studyportals team is how international and diverse it is. People are very helpful and friendly, creating a pleasant and warm work environment.