In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

Sissy Böttcher

General introduction/background

Sissy is a traveler and business enthusiast. Throughout her life she has always been torn between her love and excitement of discovering unknown cultures, languages, people and food of foreign worlds and the beautifully clearly planned world of business and IT. This was reflected throughout her studies which encompassed a range of fields such as cultural studies, business, management and information systems.

Coming from Germany her education path included long term stays in Canada, Spain and the Netherlands where she found the perfect place to combine her passion for cultural diversity and business planning – with Studyportals. While she was still studying she supported the commercial and client success team, continuously helping to improve processes and making clients happy. Once she graduated she was trusted with the responsibility for several projects, most notably the EU-funded EduCoach project which led to improved communication with the students using the Studyportals websites. After taking a one-year personal break from working with Studyportals, she returned in 2016 to get operations in the North American market up to speed.

Key challenge

While continuing to assure the success of the Studyportals expansion from a European focus to North American clients she is now also responsible for managing all processes and communication around our CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365. Thus she makes sure that the sales team is able to keep track of their client communication in the most efficient way.

Favourite Studyportals element

Sissy loves the team spirit of the Studyportals team. She’s happy that she can always get and give honest feedback in tough situations and at the same time celebrate achievements in a proper manner. Working and learning in a supportive and challenging environment has helped her grow and given her a feeling of appreciation and satisfaction in her job.