Sophie van Lotringen

Job summary/responsibilities                                                     

Sophie joined the Analytics and Consultancy Team as the Data Analytics Intern. Sophie’s main task is supporting the team wherever needed, aiming to help them reach their goals and targets.

General introduction/background            

Sophie has a bachelor in Psychology from Tilburg University. As she found the statistical courses the most interesting subjects, she continued her studies with the master Data Science & Society, which she is currently following at Tilburg University as well.                             

Key challenge

Sophie is eager to learn as much about data as she can, and therefore eager to stimulate those around her to do the same. With this comes the challenge of not only being able to receive constructive criticism, but also being able to give it to others.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

Sophie loves the atmosphere at the office. A group of people, all trying to make the world a little bit better. This gives her a lot of positive energy!

Favourite activities

Sophie often jokingly says she’s an old lady on the inside for enjoying long walks. Furthermore she enjoys good food and meeting new people.