‘’Creativity is intelligence having fun.’’- Albert Einstein

Stefan Nenov

Job summary/responsibilities

As a member of the Community team Stefan is responsible for implementation of email marketing campaigns and via those delivering value to the users, clients and partners of Studyportals. Stefan is optimizing and developing potential new approaches in order to improve the overall marketing activities and create better emails for the Studyportals subscribers.

General introduction/background

Stefan started at Studyportals in September 2017 as an intern. From that point Stefan moved to specializing in all matters connected to email marketing, such as engaging users and supporting his colleagues via better processes.

Together with the Community Team at Studyportals he focuses on supporting students with informative messages that allow them to find and select the study opportunity that is optimal for them.

Stefan completed his undergraduate studies in International Business and Management at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Key challenge

Develop the optimal email activities flow that works efficiently and provides positive value to everyone that is connected to it.

Personal Goal

To become a highly skilled specialist in the field of email and digital marketing.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

 The positive culture of the company that encourages and supports self-development, personal growth being one of its fundamental core values. Because individuals that are able to improve and grow can inspire and spark the people around them.