Innovation and progress happen when we allow ourselves to embrace uncertainty.

Simon Sinek

Tara Farzami

Tara joined Analytics and Consulting team at Studyportals as Data Science researcher in April 2016. After couple of months of database management and data analysis, she moved to engineering team as data engineer to make sure that right and processed data is accessible to everyone within company. In this new position, she uses cloud services to automate this process and make it scalable.

After finishing her Bachelor’s in Statistics in Iran, Tara’s interest in applying her theoretical knowledge in real life brought her to Germany where she pursued her Master’s degree in Neural Information Processing. With the goal of further exploring the field of neuroscience, she moved to the Netherlands to work on a project on computer simulation of aging brain at Neuroinformatics department at Radboud University.

In April 2016, she started her new exciting journey to the world of higher education at Studyportals. She joined Studyportal because she believes that education is the best way of moving the world towards peace and cultural friendships.

Personal Goal

Her personal goal is to help the company to be reputed as one of the best big data companies in the field of higher education. Using big data analytics, she aims at making the data’s accessibility easy for every team. This ease hopefully will initiate a new wave of data-driven entrepreneurial thinking in every individual in the company that it, in turn, leads to bigger successes for the company.