Tobias Visler

Job summary/responsibilities

Commercially responsible for a wide range of Studyportals clients located in EMEA.

General introduction/background

Tobias is from Denmark but is living in The Netherlands. Professionally, he comes from a background in Entrepreneurship and Success Management in the Microsoft industry.

Key challenge

The benefits of going abroad for work, studies, or something third is unmatched. Tobias believes it is important to facilitate this opportunity for as many individuals as possible. Working for Studyportals is a way to use commercial excellence to further these opportunities for everyone.

Personal Goal

With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Tobias hopes to help educational institutions grow. The educational industry is huge but often lack in digitalization. Working directly with educational institutions is an opportunity to reveal new ways of working and attracting the right students.

 Favourite activities

Tobias enjoys taking weekend trips to visit different cities or countries. Exploring new cultures and places is never boring. Furthermore, Tobias is a regular at the gym doing boxing or weightlifting. Lastly, Tobias studies the stock market and casually day trades for fun.