Vanya Dobrikova

Job summary/responsibilities

My main duty is to organize and participate in the IT support for the office in Eindhoven and other locations as well. This includes the elaboration of some new processes and best practices for the Cloud technology and other software and hardware. The final goal is to have local support for IT issues in the office in Eindhoven and a remote help for the other Studyportals offices in Boston, Monterrey, Melbourne and Colombo.

General introduction/background

Even if my education is so-called humanitarian, I have almost 7 years of experience in IT support in different companies as RealNetworks, Google, Xerox and Microsoft. I worked as a Front-line Support Agent for different projects, the last of which was Office 365 Concierge support. I chose this field almost 8 years ago because I liked helping people with different problems they encountered while working with software and I enjoyed finding solutions and clever ways to workaround and make the software work in one’s favor. And I still do.

Key challenge

Although, I have a lot of practical experience with troubleshooting software and some hardware, I still have what to learn about maintaining a company system as one integrated organism which shares common goals and challenges. I believe that in Studyportals I can find this support and guidance from Ronald, Stieneke and Thijs and collaborate on a daily basis with Ignas with whom we can exchange our different skills and knowledge.

Personal Goal

My personal goal is to learn fast and make a change that is visible for everybody.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

I really like the way Studyportals help students to find their next step in life and compare the best options.