“Without heart, we would be mere machines.”

Wolter van Reijsen

Job summary/responsibilities

Responsible for all paid traffic sources Studyportals utilizes. Setting up, analysing and optimizing multiple paid marketing channels and monetizing yield throughout the chain. 

General introduction/background

Wolter is from Dutch origin and has studied commerce at Hogeschool Utrecht. He has over 10+ years of experience in the online marketing field. During these years he has worked with many marketing aspects including but not limited to branding, sales, tracking, design, scripting, trafficking and reporting. His main focus is to optimize towards adding quality traffic throughout the marketing chain and to translate marketing goals via online effort. He is keen marketing in combination with a social element, which translates into his passion for durability and sustainability in his spare time.

Key challenge

To utilize the paid marketing channels in such a way more students find Studyportals, with a key focus on helping students throughout the customer journey.

Favourite Studyportals element/experience

Internationally orientated focus on helping students find the right environment to realize their educational ambitions. Doing something to better the world.