Yang Chen

General introduction

Yang works as a UX designer at Studyportals. Her main responsibility includes conducting user research, designing for clients and internal facing products and helping set up Studyportals’ own design system. Originally from Inner Mongolia, China, Yang expands her horizons by studying in Beijing, Taiwan, and Netherlands. Yang always sees it as a fun experience to explore new places and meet new people. Yang decided to enter the field of UX after being insulted by some user-challenging products. Yang believes empathy is the key to create good designs.

Key challenge

With a background of media technology, Yang enjoys creating fun & delight in her works. However what’s more important to her, is to apply the right principles behind every design decision. While texts can be confusing, visuals can be subjective and design patterns can be trendy, Yang sees logic as the ultimate design language and tries to use that language in her designs.

Favourite Actitivies

Yang finds herself attracted to things that are: beautiful, accurate, energetic, warm, fluffy…she likes to capture the attractiveness of these things and recreate them in 3D. Besides this she likes reading, climbing, wandering and watching movies. Yang also likes roller skating, but gets a bit scared after breaking her hand while doing it.