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18 Leading Higher Education Innovators Join the Studyportals Advisory Board


The Studyportals Advisory Board

Members include university and government leaders, edX CEO, ex-chairman of Pearson, Vice President of American Council on Education and more

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – 19 January 2018 – Studyportals, the global education search platform, announced that eighteen (18) global experts in higher education will join its Advisory board.

The board members are seasoned, multi-disciplinary executives who have an interest in analysing and discussing the global higher education landscape, and share a commitment to steering it in a sustainable direction. Next to supporting the implementation of the Studyportals strategy, the Advisory board will provide counsel with respect to topics such as: Access to higher education, international mobility, EdTech, alternative delivery and pricing models, innovative pathways, global trends in supply and demand.

Three Advisory board meetings have been held in 2017. In line with the company’s ambition to have a global impact, the regional Advisory boards – UK and Ireland, Europe, and North America – meet to discuss the future of higher education, look for opportunities and optimise Studyportals’ impact.

Edwin van Rest, CEO of Studyportals, comments:

“We are humbled that such an outstanding circle of leaders in education have agreed to mentor and support us. We are an ambitious team, aiming to revolutionise the quality of information and choice available to students globally. Yet our fast growth is asking a lot from us and we are young. It is therefore a unique opportunity that we can tap into the expertise and network of some of the most influential professionals in our field. It is fantastic to see that our mission finds such large support and encouragement. I am convinced that under their strategic guidance, Studyportals will be able to accelerate towards our dream of making education transparent, globally.” 

Bill Barke, Chairman of the North American board, shares his motivation:

“The emersion of solving a similar problem, confronting issues, or helping a young company grow, with all of these professionals, and – being at the intellectual juncture of all this information coming in – is a truly rewarding personal experience. Studyportals has been immensely successful in Europe and Australia, and about a year ago, set their sights on conquering the North American market. I am working with the NA team to help them attain their goal of hegemony in the US marketplace.

We live in a world where political forces are creating either winds at our back or, ahead of us. I think the international field of higher education is one way to create a more open, transparent, more tolerant world; a world in which ideas and people can move freely.  I believe Studyportals should be in the centre of the movement to make global education transparent.”

Against the backdrop of their rich experience, Advisory board members are open to sharing their vision about how institutional strategies must evolve to effectively adapt to the fluctuating demands of higher education. On January 24th, 2018, they will join an interactive discussion hosted by Studyportals, looking at the current socio-economic phenomena likely to bring about significant change in the field of higher education and international student mobility globally. Simultaneously, Studyportals will release an industry report, summarising the major conclusions. Titled “Envisioning Pathways to 2030: Megatrends shaping the future of global higher education”, the report will feature the viewpoints, perspectives, and recommendations of all 18 leaders.

Current members of the board include:

  • Anant Agarwal – Founder and CEO of edX, Professor at MIT
  • Andrew Disbury – Vice Principal at the University of West Scotland
  • Antonis Polemitis – CEO at the University of Nicosia
  • Bert van der Zwaan – Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University
  • Bill Barke – Retired Chairman of Pearson Higher Education North America
  • Brad Farnsworth – Vice President of the American Council on Education
  • Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble– President of Webster University
  • Eva Egron-Polak – Former Secretary General, Senior Fellow of the International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • Gordon Slaven – Managing Director of Slaven Consultancy Services Ltd.; Former Director Higher Education Unit, British Council
  • Jackie Jenkins-Scott – President Emeritus, Weelock College
  • Jan Mengelers – President of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
  • Jo Ritzen – President Emeritus, Maastricht University, Former Minister of Education and Sciences
  • Kate McNamee – Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Alliance Manchester Business School
  • Ken Gill – Chief Executive, Northern Consortium (NCUK)
  • Sonal Minocha – Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement at Bournemouth University
  • Steven Kyffin – Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business & Enterprise) at University of Northumbria at Newcastle
  • Wendy Purcell – President Emeritus and Vice-Chancellor at Plymouth University – Professor at Harvard University
  • Zvi Galil – Dean, College of Computing at Georgia Tech University

For more information about each member, please visit the Advisory board page.


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