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8 years ago

Announcing the winners of Round 2 of the Global Study Awards


‘’I’m leaving to study abroad and packing my suitcase with… The Global Study Award!’’

Six students from around the world are embarking on their study abroad journey after each winning a global study award (approx. £10,000) in Round 2 of the Global Study Awards. British Council IELTS, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and Studyportals proudly announce the winners, from over 100,000 applicants, Tuesday at the EAIE conference in Liverpool.

Aparajeeta Ghosh (28) from India, Ho Wing Yu (24) from Hong Kong, Jieh-hen Tsung (25) from Taiwan, Jürgen Stolzlechner (27) from Austria, Miriam Omar (28) from Malaysia, and Rana Burqan (23) from Palestinian Territories, demonstrated outstanding achievements in the three pillars of the selection process:

  • to contribute to society through their studies,
  • a strong commitment to developing their career, and
  • sincere interest in increasing intercultural understanding and exchange.

Each award is merit-based, aimed at students above 18 who plan to enrol in a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate programme in 2016, in any country worldwide. The £10,000 available for each of the six students will be primarily used to cover tuition fees, and will be directly provided to the students’ university of choice.

Miriam, who will start studying at the Chelsea College of Art and Design (UK), wants to make the world a better place through art by opening her own eco-friendly Textile Design House and sell biodegradable fabric online: ‘’I believe with enough research, development and marketing, biodegradable and recycled fabrics will be the norm in the future. This will result in a decrease in pollution and release of harmful gasses and toxic waste’’.

All three partnering organizations strongly believe that international education contributes to a more equal and tolerant global society. Through the Global Study Awards, they want to encourage more students to study abroad and to expand their horizons.

“The flow of education and information are essential building blocks to creating cultural understanding and acceptance. The Global Study Awards is a fantastic opportunity for international students across the world to broaden their perspectives and build on shared experiences that can positively shape their future.”   –

Todd Almeida, Managing Director at ISIC, International Student Identity Card.

Realising what kind of job you want in a remote Buddhist temple in China? It happened to Jürgen, who will enrol as a master student in Social Sciences at the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). So far he has been working in a home for disabled people, a Romanian orphanage and taught English to Chinese children. Helping others always has to be the focus in everything he does in life.

“I studied in Japan, and that was a life changing experience for me. I am convinced it not only grew my career prospects, it made me a better person as well as the people around me. Studying abroad does not only contribute to our economies, also to the tolerance and depth of our society.”  –

Edwin van Rest, CEO of Studyportals.

The winners can’t wait to start their journey abroad. The destination? Ho Wing Yu, Jürgen Stolzlechner and Miriam Omar will go to the UK, Rana Burqan to Greece, Aparajeeta Ghosh to Germany and Jieh-Hen Tsung to The Netherlands. All three partnering organisations promote international diversity and mobility, and we are very happy that our winners will be enriching the educational experience in so many different countries.

“It’s amazing to see so many people’s dreams coming true! The world is getting smaller every day.” –

Tanguy Perrichot, Regional marketing manager, Europe, British Council IELTS


Further information on the Global Study Awards can be found on the award page.

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