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2 years ago

Austrade and Studyportals partner to support Australian universities


A new report series from Austrade uses data and insights from Studyportals and Study Australia to understand the global and regional market dynamics shaping student choice.

Eindhoven, Netherlands- 1 May 2022 – As we emerge from the unprecedented disruptions of a global pandemic, a new report series has been launched to help Australia’s institutions and international education stakeholders navigate change, understand the interests of prospective students and unlock opportunities.

The reports from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Austrade, use data from student search and behaviour insights from Studyportals and Study Australia to shine a light onto the most promising student recruitment grounds for Australia, in the context of the global higher education landscape.

Each report, to be released on a quarterly basis, focuses on an important region for Australian international educators: Latin America, The Middle East and Africa, North Asia, South Asia and South-East Asia

The reports:

  • Share insights into how Australia’s share of student interest is developing post-Covid, and how Australia compares to its main competitors
  • Explore global and regional market dynamics shaping student choice
  • Identify actionable opportunities across regions, based on prospective students’ interest
  • Use insights from data to make recommendations for student recruitment

Not all countries and regions are equally interested in the same types of programmes, study levels or education methods, and understanding the differences is key to successful recruitment campaigns. The countries and regions discussed in the report include:

  • North Asia (China*, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan)
  • Latin America (Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico)
  • South-East Asia (Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh)
  • South Asia (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh)
  • Middle East & Africa (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, Iran, South Africa, Ghana, and United Arab Emirates)

*Note that due to internet restrictions and a strong bias towards Chinese language web offers, there is an underrepresentation of visitors from China and potentially other countries with similar restrictions.


For more information, or to arrange interviews on the report, please contact: Cara Skikne | | +31 684847508

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