Carmen Neghina
7 years ago

Edwin van Rest wins High Tech Peak Award


After the success of the High Tech Peak Awards in 2015, E52 and High Tech Campus organized another event last Wednesday. The event focuses on individuals who truly make a difference in the high tech region because of their technological and social contribution. These are often people working in education and research, at start-ups, SME’s or the well-known companies in the region.

Edwin van Rest, co-founder and CEO of StudyPortals, was very honoured and proud to be announced as one of the winners.

It’s such a good feeling knowing that the work you’re doing is being acknowledged, appreciated, and has a positive impact on the world. However, this award is not just meant for me. I wouldn’t get anything done without the amazing team I’m working with. Every colleague works hard each day on the same mission: to make education choice transparent, globally.

On StudyPortals’ website, we have more than 100,000 English taught programmes listed, including all Bachelors and Masters from the best 1500 universities worldwide. This is how we help 2 million students each month from all over the world to find the best education and make well informed choices.

My ‘roots’ will always be in Eindhoven

To achieve further growth in the USA, Edwin now lives in Boston most of the time, but his ‘roots’ will always be in Eindhoven, making him really miss the city. According to him, Eindhoven and the Strijp-S area are one of the reasons why StudyPortals has become a success and continues growing. First, the core idea for the company was born here, at a student association at TU/e. Additionally, it’s very easy to collaborate with others who work in the area. People are always willing to listen, curious about new ideas and help wherever they can. Furthermore, there is a great pool of so many talented people. All of this has helped to turn StudyPortals into an inspiring and purposeful company with over 150 employees, consisting of more than 35 different nationalities.

This is only the beginning

Edwin has achieved various milestones and celebrated many successes, but he feels like this is only the beginning. There is still a lot of work to be done to improve and promote international study choice, and by doing so, contributing to a more internationally-connected world.


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