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6 years ago

Financial Times recognises Studyportals among Europe’s fastest growing companies



Eindhoven, NL – April 11, 2017 – Studyportals, the global education choice platform, has received 557th place in Financial Times’s coveted FT1000, joining ranks among Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing companies. Since 2009, Studyportals has helped millions of students find education options and study information worldwide. Through a comprehensive listing of over 114,000 study programmes, and working with 2,450 institutions in over 110 countries, Studyportals ensures that universities and institutions around the world can effectively recruit ambitious students and diversify their classrooms.

Releasing its inaugural report in 2017, Financial Times has partnered with Statistica to identify 1,000 European companies that demonstrated the strongest growth between 2012 and 2015. This special report highlights companies that have contributed significantly to Europe’s economy and competitiveness on a global scale. Participating companies had to meet specified criteria with respect to their revenue growth to be included in the ranking. Proudly, Studyportals met all criteria for this search has once again been celebrated for its astonishing and rapid growth over the past few years.

In previous years, Studyportals has received awards for its growth, social impact, international focus, and technological innovation. In 2016, Studyportals received Financiele Dagblad’s prestigious Gazellen Award – an award which the company has received three years in a row for having been among the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands (one year, even, having received the first-place award for its ‘international focus’). Furthermore, Studyportals has also received commendation within the domain of education. In 2015 Studyportals won the EdTechXGlobal All Stars award, for its performance among education technology companies; and, as a follow-up, StudyPortals CEO Edwin van Rest was awarded the High Tech Peak award the following for his impact in the realm of education and research.

Studyportals’ CEO and Co-founder, Edwin van Rest, shares his response to the FT1000:

“It is nice to be recognised for our growth and economic impact. Studyportals is a purpose-driven company and the social impact we are having means even more to us. I studied myself in Japan which was a transformational experience, in 2016 we enabled 240,000 students to actually go and study abroad through Studyportals – that’s a very large ‘army’ of pioneers all over the world developing themselves and building intercultural awareness in their environments.”

Having just recently received a €5 million investment that enables the company to further boost its efforts in international education and student recruitment, Studyportals is poised to continue growing in the years to come. Developing a platform that gives students unlimited access to global study information, Studyportals empowers prospective students to choose education options that are best for them, assuring an interconnected, globally mobile student community. As a company, Studyportals maintains its mission for making education choice transparent and continues to bring awareness to the value of international education.



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About Studyportals

Studyportals is the international study choice platform, enabling students to find and compare their study options across borders. With over 114,000 published courses from over 2,450 participating universities and over 19 million users in 2016, Studyportals is a leading information source for study seekers. Studyportals was founded from an international student organisation in 2009, and initially focused on the European education market. Since 2014 the organisation, headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has expanded its services, and is now also covering universities in the Americas, Oceania, and Asia. Its 165-person team includes 35 nationalities. For universities, Studyportals is a results-based channel for international student recruitment.



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