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Global employability university ranking 2013


Global Employability University Ranking 2013: How companies evaluate the employability of university graduates

This year’s number one on the global employability university ranking is the University of Oxford, which replaced Harvard University at the top of the ranking. Oxford and Harvard are followed by the University of Cambridge, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the top five.

The ranking is based on a survey from 2,700 recruiters in 20 countries, who were asked which universities produced the best graduates. The study was published in October 2013 and conducted by Emerging, a French consulting Firm, in collaboration with and Trendence, a German research institute specialized in recruitment.

Although 14 universities from the UK are represented in the top 150, the list is still dominated by US universities. From Europe, a total of 45 universities made it into the top 100. Surprising this year was the performance of smaller European countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden, who are represented by five, four and two universities, respectively.

The Technical University of Munich, for example, made it onto place number 11, and it is therefore the highest ranked non-UK European university in the employability university ranking 2013. The top 10 European universities in the ranking are:

1) University of Oxford, UK (No. 1)

2) University of Cambridge, UK (No. 3)

3) Technical University of Munich, Germany (No. 11)

4) University College London (UCL), UK (No. 13)

5) University of Edinburgh, UK (No. 15)

6) École Polytechnique, France (No. 16)

7) HEC Paris, France (No. 17)

8) École Normale Supérieure, France (No. 19)

9) Imperial College London, UK (No. 21)

10) University of Manchester, UK (No. 27)

Additionally to the ranking, recruiters were asked about the idea of a ‘perfect university’, with results highlighting that student internships are a key ingredient for developing ideal graduates.

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