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1 year ago

Higher education: Before and after the outbreak  


A new report from Studyportals gives insights into the lasting shifts brought on by the global pandemic by tracking changes in student interest between 2018 and 2021.

This analysis is based on real-time student interest that is being collected on Studyportals websites and measured as pageviews.  It is representative of a global audience of tens of millions of prospective international students looking for English taught programs.

The report discusses rising and falling destination and origin countries, based on student interest. It shows that both the United States and Australia lost market share, while Canada gained popularity.

Moreover, we can see a rise in interest for education in Poland, Austria and Finland and a fall of interest in Turkey, Denmark, Spain and Sweden.

The report examines shifts in the popularity of different sub-disciplines over the years.

Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, and Environmental Economics & Policy for example, are on the rise, while Gas, Oil & Mining significantly dropped in popularity.

While Higher Education tries to adapt to a post-pandemic world, it is necessary that it provides students with the skillset required to thrive in the near future. This means staying true to the mission of educating young individuals, while making sure that the programme portfolio is up-to-date and catering to the needs of a changing context.


For more information, or to arrange interviews on the report, please contact: Cara Skikne | | +31 684847508

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