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4 years ago

Studyportals signs another transatlantic partnership on AI trade mission led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte

From left to right: Henne Schuwer, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the USA, Melissa Morris-Olson, Provost at Bay Path University, Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts, Edwin van Rest, CEO and Co-founder of Studyportals, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, , Hans de Boer, president of VNO/NCW and Bram van Kempen, Senior Vice-President at Studyportals.

Boston, 18 July 2019 – Studyportals, the global marketplace for higher education, participated in a high-level trade mission to the USA to foster transatlantic innovation and collaboration in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

A selection of front-running Dutch companies on the field of artificial intelligence met key players in the Boston area to strengthen and expand on collaboration, amongst which: Harvard, MIT, NXP, Philips, Boston Dynamics etc.

During the mission, Studyportals signed a strategic partnership with Bay Path University and American Women’s College, on using the Studyportals platform and its intelligent ‘Best fit’ matching to optimize their student population.

Originally started in Europe, Studyportals has been active in the USA since 2014 and growing rapidly. Despite overall international enrolments to US institutions are declining, Studyportals is realizing rapid growth in their students choosing to study in the USA, 162% enrolment growth last year, which makes the USA now the no. 1 destination of Studyportals users.

On behalf of companies, knowledge institutions and government, a position paper on Artificial Intelligence was presented to the Prime Minister, calling for € 2 Billion in investments, a national strategy, talent optimization and a research institute.

According to Edwin van Rest, CEO of Studyportals:

‘It’s an honour to be part of such a group of excellent parties that are literally on a mission to advance the field of Artificial Intelligence in a very competitive but also responsible way. Being able to conclude a partnership is a great reward for our American team who is growing that market rapidly’

On the Netherlands Economic Mission to Boston, PM Rutte commented:

‘I am proud of this diverse delegation, made up of ambitious companies and research institutions specializing in life sciences and health, robotics and AI, and climate resilience. Under the guidance of Minister for Medical Care and Sport Bruno Bruins, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs Henk Ovink, and President of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers Hans de Boer, we will together showcase our ability to find pioneering, inclusive solutions to global challenges.’

About Studyportals

Studyportals is the global study choice platform, enabling students to find and compare their education options across borders and make an informed choice. With over 190,000 on-campus and online courses from over 3,200 participating universities and over 36 million users in 2018, Studyportals is the world’s leading information source for study seekers.

Studyportals uses Artificial Intelligence to match students with the learning opportunities that fit them best, globally. It helps institutions with a very targeted way to optimize their student population, through a fully digital, transparent channel and based on results.

About the Dutch trade mission to the Boston

From 17th to 19th of July, the Prime Minister Rutte travelled to Boston to lead a trade mission with Minister for Medical Care and Sports Bruno Bruins; Hans de Boer, president of VNO-NCW, the largest employers’ organization in the Netherlands, and Henk Ovink, special envoy for international water affairs.

The mission gathered 87 Dutch companies which are actively involved in fields of water, Life Sciences and Health, AI/robotics and climate resilience. The three-days economic mission aimed to build on existing US-Dutch partnerships and create new opportunities for collaboration. 

The delegation also visited the Museum of Fine Arts, which will open the Center for Netherlandish Art in 2020.


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