Cara Skikne
2 years ago

The supply and demand of Executive business programmes


Eindhoven, May 2022 – A recent Studyportals report explores trends surrounding the supply and demand of Executive Master’s programmes in Business & Management.  

 It found that executive programmes currently cover only 3% of English-taught Master’s programmes in Business & Management. While there are many traditional business programmes, only 681 out of those 27,000 business programmes are executive. This means that on average, only one in 22 business programmes offers executive programmes.  

  The US and the UK are the largest providers. The list also includes many countries that are new players in the provision of English-taught programmes. Data also showed that countries where English is not the primary language of education, are more likely to offer Executive Programmes in their portfolios. This is especially so in countries like Greece, Austria, Russia, and Spain.  

Conversely, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and Italy, may have a better chance of capturing student interest with regular Business & Management programmes.  

Most of the students interested in Executive business education come from Morocco, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. Other countries fall on the global average, with the exception of Nigeria and Iran which don’t really display interest in this education.  

For more information, including the sub-disciplines where demand outstrips supply, download our report: Business & Management Executive education at a glance.


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