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Omid Feyli

Head of Marketing and Recruitment,
Tilburg University NL

Laura Montgomery

Director of Program Marketing, 
The New School US


Digital First

Maximising the Impact of Digital-First International Recruitment Strategies 

Emerging trends

Digital channels

Digital marketing budgets

Digital-first best practices


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Ashley Dunlop

Director of Student Recruitment,
University of Winnipeg CA

Rahul Choudaha

EVP of Global Engagement and Research, Studyportals
Webinar Host

In the last decade, the maturing of Internet technologies has shifted the communication patterns of prospective international students towards online, mobile, and social media. 

We are at an inflection point where online recruitment is moving from one of the channels to the first and most important channel for attracting and enroling international students. This approach of digital-first strategy of international recruitment is becoming increasingly crucial for ensuring alignment with the changing behaviors and expectations of prospective international students. However, achieving impactful results from digital recruitment channels for international recruitment requires a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t. 

This interactive online panel discussion gathered diverse regional perspectives on critical developments and approaches on maximising the impact of digital-first recruitment strategies.   

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Sophie Turnbull

Head of International Recruitment, University of the West of England UK