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Tze Ay Chuah

Executive Director, QUT International, Queensland University of Technology, Australia 

Sean Kwan Soo Shin

Dean of Global Education Institute & Associate Vice President for International Initiative, NamSeoul University, South Korea 


Future-Proof International
Recruitment Strategies

Preparing higher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific for the impact of global megatrends on international recruitment strategies 

Global megatrends

Student mobility

Recruitment strategies

Asia-Pacific best practices

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Sarah Tate

Head of Marketing & Student Recruitment, Heriot-Watt UniversityMalaysia

Rahul Choudaha

Executive Vice President of Global Engagement and Research, Studyportals

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29 October

14:00 AEDT

The Asia-Pacific region is diverse and large in its scope as indicated by the population and geographical area. Likewise, there are significant variations in terms of quality and scale of higher education systems in the region and corresponding expertise of universities in attracting international students. 

Globally, a range of megatrends identified in a recent Studyportals report suggests that the next decade is likely to become intensely competitive or recruiting international students. This means that universities must become more proactive and innovative in recruiting the next wave of international students. 

In this 60-minutes interactive webinar, an expert panel will discuss how higher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific region can maximise the opportunities and overcome the challenges of growing and diversifying international enrolment. 


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