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Alexandra Nedelcu

Job summary/responsibilities

Alexandra began her journey with SIA in November 2018 as a dedicated data processor. Over time, she was promoted to the position of Senior Data Processor and then to a Quality Assurance specialist. In November 2022, she attained the position of Team Leader for the Smooth Ninjas team, marking a significant milestone in her career at SIA.

As a Team Leader, she now leads and guides her team in various special data projects, emphasizing the importance of data quality and efficiency.

General introduction/background

Alexandra has graduated in Journalism, worked as an event manager, participated in a few internships and did some voluntary work where she discovered her passion for searching and give information and for helping others.

Key challenge

Achieving the perfect balance between data quality and team efficiency.

Favourite activities

She finds joy in a diverse range of activities. She loves stargazing, especially on clear summer nights when the stars come alive with their stories. She’s an enthusiastic gamer, diving into video games and board games, both of which she enjoys with friends.

Her creativity knows no bounds as she explores various artistic outlets. Whether she’s painting vibrant canvases or capturing moments through photography, she expresses herself through colors and visuals. Her talent for metamorphosis shines brightly in her cosplay pursuits. During conventions, she seamlessly becomes the characters she adores, skillfully erasing the boundary that separates make-believe from the real world.