Studyportals is the global study choice platform.
Empowering the world to choose education.

Studyportals began as a spin-off from a couple of large international study associations. It was born out of frustration, a total lack of information and overview of the fast-growing number of international Master’s programmes in Europe. In 2007, was developed and proved to be a roaring success. Soon after,,,, and followed.

In 2021, we helped 52 million students around the world to explore study programmes and make an informed choice, throughout over 200,000 courses at 3,750+ educational institutes across 110 countries.

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Meet the founders

Magnus Olsson



Who we are and why we do what we do
From its very conception, Studyportals was founded to solve (our own) student problems. It was, and still is, fuelled by a strong belief in the value of international experiences - both for the individual student and for the society.

Our mission and core values

Our partners

We collaborate with both student and academic organisations worldwide, and we are proud of our meaningful partnerships!

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