Meet the Studyportals Advisory Board

We feel privileged to find mentorship and support in the face of this group of distinguished leaders, innovators and scholars, who will advise us as we pursue our mission to accelerate towards global education transparency. The Studyportals Advisory Board members all share a commitment to contributing to debates at the intersection of education, technology and society.


<b>Antonis Polemitis</b>

Antonis Polemitis

CEO University of Nicosia

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<b>Bert van der Zwaan</b>

Bert van der Zwaan

Chair of the Board of Trustees of NUFFIC & Rector Magnificus Utrecht University

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<b>Eva Egron-Polak</b>

Eva Egron-Polak

Former secretary general, executive director chez IAU

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<b>Professor Jo Ritzen</b>

Professor Jo Ritzen

Former President of Maastricht University Former Minister of Education

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<b>Professor Koen Becking</b>

Professor Koen Becking

Rector Magnificus and Chairman of Nyenrode Business Universiteit

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United Kingdom

<b>Professor Graham Galbraith</b>

Professor Graham Galbraith

Vice-Chancellor University of Portsmouth

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<b>Andrew Disbury</b>

Andrew Disbury

Head of Student Recruitment – Glasgow School of Art

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<b>Dr. Wendy Purcell</b>

Dr. Wendy Purcell

Professor Emeritus Plymouth, Professor Harvard University, Professor & Vice Chair Education Rutgers University

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<b>Dr. David Pilsbury</b>

Dr. David Pilsbury

Chief Development Officer at Oxford International Education Group

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United States of America & Canada

<b>Bill Barke</b>

Bill Barke

Retired Chairman Pearson Higher Education North America

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<b>Zvi Galil</b>

Zvi Galil

Emeritus Dean of Computing, Frederick G. Storey Chair of Computing and Executive Advisor for Online Programs Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

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<b>Andrew Ness</b>

Andrew Ness

Dean, Humber International, Humber College

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<b>Jane E. Gatewood</b>

Jane E. Gatewood

Vice Provost for Global Engagement, University of Rochester

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Asia - Pacific

<b> Prof. Kent Anderson</b>

Prof. Kent Anderson

Vice President, Global, University of Newcastle

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<b>Prof. Sarah Todd</b>

Prof. Sarah Todd

Vice President, Global, Griffith University

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<b> Barbara Lung</b>

Barbara Lung

Director, Global Curtin at Curtin University

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<b>Jackie Jenkins-Scott</b>

Jackie Jenkins-Scott

USA & Canada

<b>Brad Farnsworth</b>

Brad Farnsworth

USA & Canada

<b>Anne Sado</b>

Anne Sado

USA & Canada

<b>Anant Agarwal</b>

Anant Agarwal

USA & Canada

<b>Hunt Lambert</b>

Hunt Lambert

USA & Canada

<b>Dr. Elizabeth Stroble</b>

Dr. Elizabeth Stroble

USA & Canada

<b>Susan Kinnear</b>

Susan Kinnear

United Kingdom

<b>Ken Gill</b>

Ken Gill

United Kingdom

<b>Wendy Alexander</b>

Wendy Alexander

United Kingdom

<b>Gordon Slaven</b>

Gordon Slaven

United Kingdom

<b>Steven Kyffin</b>

Steven Kyffin

United Kingdom

<b>Jan Mengelers</b>

Jan Mengelers


<b>Ágnes Tóth</b>

Ágnes Tóth