¨Outside of a dog, a book is man´s best friend. Inside of a dog it is too dark to read.¨ Groucho Marx

Amy VanSurksum

Job summary/responsibilities

Amy VanSurksum is Senior Vice President-Higher Education North America for Studyportals. She has over 25 years of experience in secondary and higher education administration in the US and UK. Amy specializes in international enrollment management from recruitment to graduation.

General introduction/background

Educational background: Amy earned a bachelor´s degree in Russian Studies and International Relations from Concordia College-Moorhead (Minnesota), and a Master´s in Science in Cultural Anthropology from North Dakota State University.

Key challenge

Access to education remains a challenge on a global scale. Creating ways for prospective students to navigate their options is key to addressing this challenge.

Personal goal

Amy´s professional mission is to support students around the world to realize their dream of studying abroad with the goal of breaking down cultural barriers and developing empathy that will promote world peace and understanding. Studyportals supports that mission by illuminating opportunities and making students´ global education paths reality.