Logic is the beginning of all wisdom, not the end.” – Spock

When you speak, you repeat what you already know. When you listen, you may learn something new.” – Dalai Lama

Andreas Obermeier

Job summary/responsibilities

Andreas Obermeier joined the BigData team as its team lead in 2022. As part of engineering the BigData team is strongly connected to the actual portal where the magic happens and lots (LOTS) of data is generated. It is his responsibility to bring this and all other data in digested form to all of Studyportals, so it can be the basis of data-driven decisions throughout the organisation.

General introduction/background

Andreas learnt to manage and analyse data as a physicist. Even earned a PhD. Most important about this is that it brought him out into the world and wherever he went, he made something his own (some friends say this is only about food, but he thinks it is way more than that).

At some point after his PhD Andreas realized that data and data analytics is only meaningful, when it connects to people. This connection fascinates him ever since.

Key challenge

Andreas endeavours to connect every single Superhero to the data and insights he or she might need.

Favourite Studyportals element

Studyportals has an international mix of people that are open and inclusive. It is fun to be here and work here. Studyportals has an amazing energy!

Favorite activities

Playing RPGs with friends, Cooking, Reading to my kids