Antonia Raileanu

Antonia started at Studyportals in February 2014 in the Student Value team. Since then, Antonia’s main priority is the user engagement strategy. Together with the Community Team at Studyportals she strives to support students’ journey with the necessary information and content so they can make an informed study choice.

Antonia did her undergraduate studies in Bucharest and moved to the Netherlands in 2010 for the postgraduate studies. At University of Twente she studied a Master Programme in European Studies with a specialization on European Regulations.

During her studies, Antonia gained valuable experience working at a part-timer in the Marketing and Communication Department at Utwente, undertaking an internship in the Hague at Eurojust and participating in several research projects at University of Saxion.

Last but not least, she was one of the candidates for the European Elections in May 2014 on the list of the Dutch party – with a focus on fighting corruption on the European level. It was the first time the party entered elections and the earned votes were not sufficient to win a seat.

In her spare time, Antonia loves to travel and spend time with friends, cooking and of course eating , while her favourite sports activities are zumba, roller skating and fitness workouts.