Boris Morel

Job description:

My mission is to handle the loads of data generated by the Studyportals website and make sure the team can extract useful insights from them.

General introduction/background:

Born and raised in France, I have been wandering in different countries (Belgium, the U.S. and now the Netherlands) ever since I graduated. Although a PhD in Physics should have pushed me towards a teaching/researching role, I found myself more inclined to help other folks do their job by developing software tools for instrument control, automations and now data management. I feel I might have finally found a place where to settle here in Eindhoven.

Key challenge:

Develop efficient data tools able to handle the ever-growing amount of data that SP is collecting. We are going to need to scale up our data infrastructure if we want to meet our present and future needs.

Personal Goal:

Develop a data culture and expertise at SP by adopting the best practises in the field while keeping an eye on new bleeding edge developments to determine which ones could benefit our operations.

Favourite activities:

I have yet to find something that makes me happier than simply having a walk in a forest, with no car noise or cellular coverage, which is harder to find than one might think. Sorry, nothing crazy here, although I do enjoy the occasional paragliding flight or windsurfing session.