“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Chris van Baal

Job summary/responsibilities

Chris identifies possibilities for growth and experiments with it. He likes to challenge the status quo and to find new ways to make Studyportals bigger and better. Working together with the team is essential for this process.

General introduction/background

Chris grew up in The Netherlands and started his own internet company together with a friend when he was studying. After selling his company and travelling the world for a year he joined Studyportals to support the growth of this organization. Chris loves to be up and doing, to organize and to apply structure. With a fair amount of IT knowledge and a creative, entrepreneurial drive, he ensures that processes are optimized. Chris likes working with people and tries to stimulate talents with others by motivating, coaching and advising.

Key challenge

To make sure that Studyportals keeps growing and keeps innovating Chris wants to embed a mix of marketing, technology and creativity.

Personal goal

The main goal for Chris is to grow on all aspects of the Studyportals core values. With a big emphasis on: “If it is fun, it is never work. If it is not fun, it will never work”.

Favorite activities

Chris loves good food (cooking and eating) together with good company. Although he did some fair amount of globetrotting, his “places-to-visit-list” seems to be endless. In his spare time, you can find him running in and around Eindhoven.