Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Neale Donald Walsch


Claudia Zambrano

General introduction

Claudia is from Mexico and she has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. After she did her internship in Internal Communication in one of the most important companies in Mexico, her professional career took off in a very positive way and that was when she found her second passion besides design and she decided to follow that path. She worked and grew professionally in the Internal and Marketing Communications position which also gave her the opportunity to develop many other skills like event management and customer service satisfaction. In 2012 she arrived to the Netherlands facing a very exciting phase in her personal life, since then she has been enjoying and learning of all the new challenges and opportunities that life has put in front of her.

Personal Goal

To grow in a personal and professional way together with Studyportals, delivering good results as a team and helping students and universities promoting education in the world.

Favorite Studyportals Experience

Since her first day, she perceived a very good vibe, very friendly and positive energy. There is a strong sense of hard work ethic and fun as well.

Favorite Activities

Claudia loves to travel and eat great food, she also enjoys simple things like a BBQ on a warm sunny day or a relaxing Sunday watching movies.