Dan Dobrescu

Job summary/responsibilities

Dan’s responsibilities as DevOps revolve around applying automation where it’s needed and there’s a benefit from it. As the end-goal for his team is to have the infrastructure always up and running, he’s switching roles quite often in the developer-operations range, focusing on security, monitoring and cloud architecture.

General introduction/background

Eager to put in practice his self-taught programming skills, Dan first got hired as a Java Developer right after he was admitted to the Faculty of Computer Sciences in his hometown Galati, Romania. After a while, he realised that there was room for improvement and he landed a job at Adobe which also involved relocating in Bucharest. Here, his career took a small turning point as he started to move towards scripting languages, automation, cloud technologies and security which he enjoyed even more than Java. However, in his few trips to Netherlands, the joy of seeing so much cultural diversity in such a nice and quiet country (compared to Bucharest) made him believe there’s once again room for improvement and in May 2019 he moved to Eindhoven where he started working with Studyportals.

Key challenge

One of the great challenges of this role is to really understand other people’s requirements and manage to transpose those into tooling, workflows and processes having a high adoption rate.

Personal Goal

Dan’s personal goal is to help DevOps becoming more than a team and transforming it to processes and integrate it as part of the engineering culture.