If you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of” – John Barrow

Fernanda Price

Job summary/responsibilities

I am a Campaign and Partnership Success Manager based in the Monterrey, Mexico offices of Studyportals, working on the Asia-Pacific market.My Job is to ensure that the universities on our portal are receiving the best possible marketing strategies and that those strategies are being implemented and yielding the expected results. 

General introduction/background

I have a degree in Language, Media and Communications from the University of Rochester, with a minor in Psychology and a certificate in Literary Translation Studies.  I have experience working in several different industries but have always had a passion for learning.

I am a firm believer that education can open a world of possibilities, and that accessibility to higher education opportunities can change a person’s life.  Having been an international student, I know firsthand the value that a tool like Studyportals can have for finding the perfect study programme and accomplishing your goals.

Key Challenge

A Key challenge in this role is staying on top of varying market tendencies, as well as managing different strategies for a vast array of client needs.

Personal Goal

My goal in life is to never stop learning and growing as a person and to continuously work to improve the world we live in.  

Favourite activities

I love to travel, eat new foods, read, write and sing.