“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson.

Fernanda Vazquezmellado

Job summary/responsibilities

The responsibilities for Fer in this position are divided into three areas, office management, human resources and event planning.

In the Office Management area, she has to make sure all facilities in and around the office are running smoothly to unburden all our Superheroes in their daily work, be the primary contact for several suppliers and manage the Office Management budget and she´s involved in suppliers selection and relationship management.

In the Human Resources area, she provides practical assistance to the ‘onboarding’ and ‘offboarding’ for employees, employees conflict management, one on one monthly feedbacks with Superheroes, keeping track of employees’ paperwork, contracts, employees files, internal communications and staff well-being.

Last but not least, Fer has to take the lead in organizing the various company events and improving the work environment of the office and the well-being of all employees.

General introduction/background

Fer is from Mexico and has a bachelor´s degree in Education and specialized in Special Needs Education. She has worked in different areas such as HR, High School, Operations and Sales, but what she enjoys the most and one of her passions must be helping others, that´s where she discovers the true meaning of loving your work, plus, helping others make the world a little bit better.

Key challenge

Knowing that whatever she´s doing, she´s the best at it. She wants to make a difference and leave a positive mark in the world.

Favourite activities

Some of Fer´s hobbies are:

– Acrylic painting

– Cooking

– Padel and dancing

– Reading

– Having a good wine or an ice-cold beer with family or friends