Inna Byalik

Job summary/responsibilities:

Inna has joined Studyportals in June 2022 as Account Advisor for EMEA region. Her responsibilities are mainly focused on building and maintaining relationships with clients, guiding them in the beautiful world of online international recruitment

General introduction/background:

Inna was born and raised in Moscow but always wanted to move to Europe preferably somewhere sunny and warm. So now she lives in the Netherlands, where she came to get her Master degree in Economic Psychology in Tilburg University and decided to stay. She enjoys her life in Eindhoven, making friends with people from all around the world, learning about other cultures, and eating olliebollen in winter. As soon as she learnt about Studyportals she wanted to work here, as she truly believes in company’s goal and mission.

Personal Goal:

Enjoy what she is doing, stay up-to-date, travel, meet new people, and have fun

Favourite Studyportals element/experience:

Inna really believes in what Studyportals does and in its values. Providing transparency in education choices is as important as ever! Moreover, Studyportals has great vibe and atmosphere inside the company. Everybody is a real fan of what they’re doing.