“Rather a life filled with disappointments than a life without any ambition”

Jaap Waalen

Job summary/responsibilities

Together with his colleagues, Jaap is responsible for online promotional campaign implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement in Strategic Partnerships. He aims to create long lasting relationships with both existing and new partners, in which clear communication and hard work leads to optimised results for all parties involved.

General introduction/background

As a student, Jaap lived in Argentina for a year, which triggered his interest in international communication and collaboration. After graduating in International Marketing and Management, he gained valuable experience in several international sales and account management positions. He has worked in a variety of industries before joining Studyportals and is now thrilled to learn more about the world of international education.

Key challenge

Jaap is driven by the ambition to enable people worldwide to choose the education that fits their needs best. He believes the only way to do this, is to optimize collaboration with people and organisations with similar ambitions and goals. The key challenge lies in aligning these goals where possible and cooperating to be successful together.

Favourite activities

Jaap is at his best when surrounded by friends and family. He enjoys new challenges and practicing many different sports such as football, cycling and skiing. He is passionate about exploring the world and getting to know the most beautiful places and cultures it has to offer. Favourite place so far: las Cataratas de Iguazú on the border of Argentina and Brazil.