“Cowardice is the most terrible of vices.”― Mikhail Bulgakov, ‘Master and Margarita’

Maria Kinast

Job summary/responsibilities    

Maria is helping universities reach their student recruitment goals trough enrollment-based partnerships.

General introduction/background

Maria comes from Latvia, where she got a BSc in Management from Latvian University and opened a company (which she still owe) in real estate and construction. And then one short semester trip on Erasmus exchange to the Netherlands changed her whole life plan: she decided to come back to get my MSc in Business Administration from Radboud University.

She started working in real estate and construction business at the tender age of 17, then pretty accidentally got into education marketing and worked at Radboud University for 9 years recruiting international students, improving administration processes and finally running a small team at the management faculty. In 2019 she decided that it was the time to see the other side of things, so I joined Studyportals.

Key challenge

Keeping it one step at a time, not attempting to take over the world within one day, Maria still have some years to do it!

Personal Goal

Be the best she can be in everything she attempts to do, and enjoy herself while at it!

Favourite activities

Maria loves reading, travelling and dancing. She also love performing on stage with her amateur theatre group, playing board games and figuring things out in Microsoft Excel.