Maria Serban

Job summary/responsibilities:

As a Junior Campaign Manager and Maria’s main responsibility is to assure universities all over the world that their programs are getting known by international students. This is a challenge as well and implies many other activities such as keeping in contact with them and offer support whenever they need, so that they can find the best students.

The team always offers quality in their services and the results can be seen in the growing number of students enrolling abroad.

General introduction/background:

Maria is currently a student enrolled at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. She have finished International Relations program and took her bachelor’s degree. Now, she is studying International Business Communication and she is looking forward in taking her diploma this year. Maria is currently studying many subjects, but her main professional interests are the Marketing and Public Relations fields. She considers them to be very important factors in a business’ development, especially in attracting clients and keeping them continuously interested in one company’s products. Maria is trying to build a career focusing on these fields and gives her best to succeed and learn as much as possible.

Key challenge:

Facing diversity from the clients, offering quality and proving them that Studyportals can satisfy all their interests and needs when recruiting foreign students.

Personal goal:

Personal development, reaching her dreams, exploring the world and learning about other cultures.

Favourite activities:

travelling, going out with friends, painting, watching TV series