Learning never exhausts the mind – Leonardo Da Vinci

Tania Gutiérrez

Job summary / responsibilities

As a Campaign Manager and part of the Client Success team at Studyportals, my main responsibilities are to implement, monitor and calibrate campaigns accordingly to our client goals to leverage and assure the best results for them as we aim to help and become partners and build a valuable relationship with universities on the road of international student’s enrolment. It’s necessary for me to be aware of the client needs and resources as well as the circumstances that surround the university in terms of branding and market trends to deliver an excellent client service and guidance for their campaigns.

In addition, as an International Marketing professional with a concentration in Strategic Consumer Behaviour, I’m constantly seeking to improve my understanding on client needs and patterns within the global market and I’m also aware of the necessity on a better use of the marketing efforts to have not only a big impact but the right impact on your audience. I’ve had the opportunity to apply my knowledge in different roles such as an Account Executive, Data Analyst and Marketing assistant. One of my biggest experience while achieving my bachelor degree, was studying abroad for one year in Berlin which completely changed my life goals. After this experience, I can call myself a witness of the importance of internationalization in education as part of an integral formation for students and that through the vast number of study options, it has become increasingly relevant to seek for the best fit and not only on what type of study programme but overall on what kind of experience it will be obtained through this.

Favourite Studyportals element / experience

Studyportals became my best fit since I was a bachelor student, through their portals I found a place where they knew what were my main concerns and needs in the overwhelming journey of seeking for study options abroad. Now that I have the opportunity to be part of Studyportals I can tell among my colleagues and our work how vividly we commit to seek the best for students and universities as it is our mission to empower the world to choose education. Because we never stop learning and education is crucial for the growth as person and as a society.