Get a gift from your university!

Congratulations! It looks like you have fit in well with the University of your choice. Here at Studyportals, we know how hard it is to be a university student. Therefore we would like to give you a gift to show appreciation and to motivate you to keep going!

What can I get?  You can choose! We want to provide you with a gift that is worth up to $25. Ideally, we want to give you something that will remind you of your success at your university. So, why not get a hoodie or a shirt from your university’s gift store? If you feel you are much more in need of buying a book or writing materials for your study, we’ll give you an Amazon voucher worth $25. Last but not least, you can choose the ISIC card which provides an easy form of identification as well as exclusive discounts for students.

How can I apply?  It’s simple! By leaving a review of your experience at your university and you will automatically participate. Before the application, please make sure to read the instructions below.

Check the requirements
To qualify for an enrolment gift, you have to fulfil the following requirements. Terms & Conditions

You are studying for a full degree programme (you are not an exchange student)

You created your Studyportals account before the application deadline for your study programme

Your university is a Studyportals Partner University (view Terms & Conditions for the list)

Have the following documents ready

Copy of your Student ID you received from the university

Proof of enrolment from the university where you started studying

We will check your application manually. Please allow 2 weeks processing time. We will get in touch with you and send you further instructions to claim your gift!

Open application form

Already created a Studyportals account 6 months before enrolling into your university? Then it's time to choose a gift!

Select a gift from your university gift shop. We will reimburse up to $25 for you to buy the gift yourself.

Buy study materials with an gift card. We will send you a gift card worth $25.