Giving back

Studyportals’ first core value is Making our world a little bit better. From the very beginnings of our organisation, we truly believe that quality (international) education can make this world a better place. It has a huge impact on how people interact with each other but also has a positive impact on each individual.

Since 2013 we are taking that core value beyond the impact of our own platform. There are thousands of great initiatives and charities to support, however, we decided to stay close to our roots and support carefully selected, trustworthy organisations in the education field. Between January 2014 – March 2016, Studyportals supported the UNICEF “Schools for Africa” campaign. We are very glad and proud that we were able to fund the construction of a new primary school in Guinea – Bissau.

Since 2016, Studyportals supports two other great initiatives:

Knowledge for children

The project supports quality education for children in rural areas of Africa. Stimulating the involvement and self-reliance of the local community by a financial co-investment concept and by working through strong partnerships with education organisations is the goal. Studyportals currently supports 2 schools in Masaka, Uganda.

Reading competition Lwengo and Masaka

The Goodfellow Foundation

A special project, initiated by our former colleagues, Julie Goodfellow. The foundation gives financial support to excellent female Philippine students to complete their university education. By supporting the girls in receiving a good education, the foundation also wants to give an impulse to achieve equal rights for women in society and improve the position of women in the Philippines. Studyportals is very glad to fully support the university education and living costs of 2 great students for the coming 2 years.

We believe that the selected organisations are a great match with the mission of our company, ‘Empowering the world to choose education’. Therefore every year a part of our profits goes the mentioned projects.