Duolingo English Test: The future of testing, here today.

The Duolingo English Test is an innovative and accessible English proficiency test that has gained acceptance around the world since 2016. The test is available online, on-demand, anywhere in the world for only $65usd. A test bundle gives you the option to purchase two Duolingo English Tests at once for a discounted price ($110usd). Each test is certified via rigorous security protocols, remote human proctoring, and artificial intelligence within 48 hours.

How to Accept and Use the Duolingo English Test

  • Join the thousands of programs who accept the test worldwide. You can browse a list of accepting institutions here
  • Register here
    The DET team will connect with you with your Dashboard and an API key to seamlessly integrate test taker results into your CRM.
  • The Duolingo Dashboard and the Institutional Resource Center
    • Test takers share their results for free to any accepting institution
    • Each test taker has a verifiable secure link to verify certificates

The Duolingo English Test Scoring! How to understand the Subscores

  • Scores are reported on a scale from 10 – 160
  • Each certificate has a unique, secure link
  • Overall scores include a general description of English proficiency
  • Subscores measure your proficiency in specific areas

















Learn more on the Duolingo English Test website.