Studyportals foundation supports Knowledge for Children (K4C)

StudyPortals supports K4C

Knowledge for Children (K4C) is a non-profit organisation that supports primary education by building self-reliant schools in Cameroon and Uganda.

As of today the organisation supported 130 schools in the Cameroon and 60 schools, 22.500 pupils and 750 teachers in Uganda – with the ultimate goal is to further grow in Uganda and supporting further African countries in the near future.

A smart 3 step programme together with a unique co-investment model involves all the stakeholders of a school and provides ownership and responsibility in the schools itself. The method is sustainable in the sense that it strives for financial independence of the local community.

Studyportals Alumna Jolanda van Bergen, who used to work at our client success department is currently supporting the on the field in Masaka, Uganda.

We are very proud of her and glad that the Studyportals can support this initiative monetary from a distance.

Knowledge for children focuses on co-investing in books, training the teachers and providing leadership training to the school management.

We are following all of her activities and recently decided to start supporting her project. All of our Christmas donations will go to a school in Masaka, so that they can be supported for the full programme for a year.

Find out more and directly support K4C –

Jolanda Leadership training Uganda