Our mission and core values

Why are we here?

At Studyportals, we have always been an idealistic bunch of people. From the very start until today, our team continues to unify under a shared belief that strengthening international education for the entire world can not only be easier, but it can also be more inspiring.

We remain consistently optimistic about the value of international education – a sense of confidence that all of our superheroes carry with them in everything we do. It’s the best way to keep our eyes set on long-term goals, and ensures that we continue to create the world’s largest education search platform.

If we could put our belief under one big banner, it would state the overall mission as:

‘Empowering the world to choose education’

The beauty of this mission is its double-meaning:

  • We want the world to choose education: we want everyone to embrace education, by any means, as the path to strong leadership, creative thinking, and a better society.
  • We want the world to choose education: want education choice to be transparent, enabling students and people worldwide to choose for themselves the education that fits their needs best.

From the design of our office to the layout of our platforms, to the decorations at our desks, Studyportals is a company built upon the mission of global education transparency, choice, and access across borders. We grow as our users and clients grow, making education the thing that energises our whole company personality. We share insights, innovate our products, develop ourselves, and – most importantly – contribute to an educated global society that is more tolerant and open.

Our core values

What are the things that we bring to work with us every day? What are the principles that bolster our team and keep us focused on the mission?

Making our world a little bit better

  • I improve our world every day
  • I am purpose-driven
  • I empower students to study abroad, creating a more tolerant and better-educated world
  • I create a legacy through my career

Personal growth is the KEYPersonal growth is KEY

  • I help my colleagues, clients, users, and partners be a little bit better every day
  • I step out of my comfort zone
  • I take ownership over my personal growth and learn from everyone
  • I communicate openly about my strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of others

Dedicated & never give upDedicated & never give up

  • I do what I promise
  • I never give up on what we believe in
  • I challenge the way we do things
  • I aim high and make the team succeed
  • I go the extra mile to reach my personal & company objectives
  • I deliver value to students and clients in everything I do

Heads up & hearts openHeads up & hearts open

  • I am optimistic, ambitious, and proud
  • I see failure as a source for growth because it will help me do better next time.
  • I speak my mind; I take up ideas and issues with the relevant person in an honest, direct, and constructive way
  • I balance my feelings and my rational thinking
  • I truly care about my colleagues’ professional and private life

Serious about funSerious about fun

  • I initiate spontaneous activities with my colleagues
  • I bring color to my life and to the lives of others
  • I seek a fun element in everything I do
  • I believe fun & achieving impact go hand in hand
  • ‘If it is fun, it’s never work. If it is not fun, it will never work’