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I started by searching on Google for courses that suited my interest and I was redirected to different websites, one of which is Studyportals.com, which turned out to be the most useful. I chose Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) because it was the most affordable for me and the course completely suited my needs. Studyportals helped by giving me a wide range of detailed options of schools and courses to choose from. I did not have an idea of either the course or the university I wanted to attend. At the initial stage, before the application, I received all the necessary information about the course and school, through a direct website link to the course. […]

My advice to students from my country who wish to study abroad is to first find out what they want to study and then do a rigorous search on Studyportals to find options of schools and countries offering that course. […]

If I were to do things again, I would only spend less time searching for schools and countries and go directly to Studyportals.com.”

Angela Buchi GbandiNigeria

I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across your website while surfing the internet this morning. I cannot help it but reveal that the little time I spent on your website was exciting and I was able to find my school of choice.
Anonymous user

Currently, I am studying in the Netherlands at Maastricht University. I am enrolled in the International Business Bachelor, which is a three-year Bachelor’s programme taught in the Problem Based Learning (PBL) system. […] Before starting the application procedure, Studyportals helped me to have a good selection of universities, but also to have a sound overview of what each of them had to offer. This gave me a firm foundation to build my decision on. Studyportals did not only let me find the university that best-fit my profile, but it helped me find the university that was most adequate for what I wanted to do later in life.

The detailed information offered by Studyportals about different Bachelor’s for the universities in the Netherlands helped me make my final decision. Studyportals has been an active part of my application procedure, by offering a lot of relevant information about different university programmes. The portal was useful in the process of preparing my CV, motivation letter and finalising the Studielink and UCAS application. Studyportals helped me not forget any important information, which I could have overlooked by using multiple websites at the same time.

Vlad Horatiu Savin, Romania

I want to give a positive testimonial for Mastersportal.com and give my sincere thanks for this tremendous website. This website has practically decided my future for me as I will be attending Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium for my M.Sc. Without this website, it would not be possible. There is nothing quite like this website that I have found on the internet and I would plead with you to continue providing this wonderful service to everybody. I did not find a single website with such a centralized database of so many post-graduate programmes in Europe, anywhere on the web. 

I have recommended this website to everybody I know who wants to study in Europe, as there is just simply nothing like this out there. I want to give my sincere thanks for your hard work in maintaining this website and, if there is a testimonials page, please do not hesitate to put this up there.

Thanks a lot, once again

Karan Prakash, Canada