Carmen Neghina
7 years ago

Asia Rising


[REPORT] At the moment, there are more than 5 million students who are undertaking their education outside of their home countries. By 2022, the number of internationally mobile students is expected to reach 7 million. Most of the growth in international education comes from students in Asian countries who are looking to study abroad, usually in English.

Student mobility – like many other economic and social principles – conforms to the laws of offer and demand; that is, popular study destinations, where university programmes appeal most to international students – countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia – are, unsurprisingly, also the countries with the highest offers of English-taught programmes around the world. Asia will see the highest growth of tertiary students in the coming years; but it is also preparing to shift focus from sending students to study abroad, to also welcoming them on campus.

Higher education in Asia is undergoing a profound transformation, where many countries have set up ambitious goals to attract more international students. This has resulted in the emergence of English Taught Programmes, ETP, at several institutions all over the region.

In this report, we will look at what the current situation is with respect to English-taught academic degrees in Asia, in order to identify future growth trends in the region. Studyportals has detailed information about all of the Asian universities ranked in the top 1,500 universities worldwide. Within Asia, the report specifically covers the top Asian countries offering English-taught programmes; this sample includes over 2,638 study programmes taught in English across Malaysia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, or Japan, to name a few top countries.

Studyportals expects further growth within the Asian higher education market that will be sustainable. To learn about all the details that are presented in the research into the trends in international mobility in the Asian market please download the report below!

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