Cara Skikne
4 years ago

Bringing Harvard Online and the vision of ‘the 60-year curriculum’, Virtual Deep Dive with Hunt Lambert – Part 3


[WEBINAR] Part 3: Fully online learners vs. traditional students

COVID-19 has disrupted the world and affected education. While online education is not a new phenomenon it is often looked down upon due to a common misconception of being of lesser quality. While a lot of universities feared the shift to education online, one of the world’s most prestigious and traditional universities has offered its first online courses since 1997 and modernizing them since then.

The Virtual Deep Dive with Hunt Lambert, Dean Emeritus of Division of Continuing Education at Harvard University consists of 3 parts.

Part 3 addresses topics such as:

  • What different needs do online students have vs traditional students
  • Information technology is key: the ‘new academic stack’ for Success
  • Demographics of online education seekers

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