Cara Skikne
4 years ago

COVID-19 Report: An Outlook for International Student Recruitment


[REPORT] Expectations from education professionals for enrolments in 2020 are not promising. According to our recent survey, conducted amongst 170 higher education institutions, 83% of respondents expect a decrease or a large decrease of international enrolments in the 2020 fall semester.

Such an outcome was previously unthinkable in a sector that was expected to grow more than 4% annually. And the decrease of international enrolments is expected to continue beyond Fall 2020. Yet, for 2021 enrolments, the expectations are mixed: with 24% of respondents expecting an increase in international enrolments, and 34% a decrease. Despite many measures and actions, student mobility is highly dependent on government policies concerning travel and immigration.

The survey also showcases that the resources for international recruitment are expected to shift. Respondents in higher education institutions expect less money to be available for travel and staff, and more budgets available for digital recruitment tools.

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